cuklasovce - longlife homeplace of snopeks

Cuklasovce is small village under the root of Povazsky Inovec on the road from Banovce nad Bebravou through Dubodiel to Trencianske Jastrabie. In this village the Snopek family lives for many years and both of my parents have become from there. My most beautiful memories from my childhood are from Cuklasovce when we were used to go there for our holidays to our grandma (Gustinka Snopekova). I saw there many new and nice things. Ones of the first memories are coursing of hens on a courtyard and how my grandfather from my mom's side - Michal Masaryk – rode on a cart with horses and he was adroitly holding reins. From my childhood I often remember holidays when my cousins and I were making jokes on the edge of politeness of course - for example when some of us were scaring grandma Ulka;-). I remember for example holidays when I was ranging goats. Then I descant told about it to my classmates when I was probably in sixth year on primary school and I said them how we had been called to goats “Unto, Mica, unto!”. Thanks this I had a nickname “Mica” for a long time and then it was “Vertical line” (in Slovak it is “kolmica”). When I grew up I was given nickname “Giraffe” because of my highness.

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Cuklasovce are mentioned in 1352 like Chuklaz and in 1598 like Cwklssocz. The development of  name of the community: 1773 - Csuklasz, Cžuklasowcze, 1786 - Cschuklasz, Cschuklaszowce, 1808 - Csuklász, Csuklaszócz, Cžuklasowce, 1863 - Csuklasz, Csuklaszóc, 1873–1913 Csuklász and from 1920 it is Čuklasovce.

  (Source: Názvy obcí Slovenskej republiky - Names of the municipalities in the Slovak republic /Vývin v rokoch 1773 - 1997/ - PhDr. Milan Majtán, DrSc. Bratislava: Veda 1998)  Continue...     


Cuklasovce is a part of village Velke (Big) Drzkovce from 1976. If you want to go to Cuklasovce from Banovska valley you'll see this picture :
  Čuklasovce - panoráma
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About Cuklasovce and Tarabovec write memoires my uncle Stefan Snopek.You can read (only in slovak language)