genesis, writing and forms of surname

During the search of our ancestors there is also a question where and how originated our surname. 
        What did I find out? What is the attitude of The  Linguistic Office of Ludovit Stur about the origin of  our surname? How is correctly written our surname in  motion (a problem how to write women's surname)?  Which were other forms of our surname in history?  Answers to these questions are in a section "Genesis, writing and forms of surname". 

appearance of surname

Where in Slovakia can you find the surname Snopek? Which Snopeks will you find on the Internet in Slovakia,  which in Czech Republic and which Snopeks can you  find on the Internet outside the area of Slovakia and  Czech Republic? All this, including the map of  frequency of the surname Snopek in Slovakia you can  find in the section "Appearance of surname".    



"Every generation smiles on its fathers, laughs at grandfathers and admires great-grandfathers."
William Somerset Maugham

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and forms of surname

appearance of surname




If someone would be making a coat-of-arms of our family, a basis will be...a sheaf;-) And tehre will be probably also scissors or a needle as a symbol of sartorial craft.