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    Full family tree - according to a recent  researching:


My survey

     I would like to divide my survey into three parts:


          1.    collecting the data from the family members
    investigation on the internet
    gathering the data from parish registers

      1. Collecting the data from family members
          More of you participated in it and I am extremely thankful for it to you. Still – I miss a lot of data, therefore the genealogy, as it is stated here, does not contain complete data.

      2. Investigation on the internet

           The stage during which my family could see me for a long time only from the back. I am virtually still in this stage. By searching on the internet I managed to find a lot of very interesting data on the name of Snopek, less however on Čuklasovce. Ironically, I found most information on Čuklasovce on Hungarian websites. The Kingdom of Hungary is still a name and a lot of materials from the history can be found on Hungarian websites. For results see section ČUKLASOVCE.

      3. Gathering the data from parish registers

         On 14 March 2008 I entered the state archive for the first time in my life. It was in Ivanka pri  Nitre.... I will not bother you with my feelings, let's get in medias res - to the core, however.
          Data from parish registers can be acquired on the microfilm and after you put it into the reading equipment, you find out that mostly it is a negative copy and you are shocked by handwriting of some recording priests - and let's go.

      Example of what you can see on the reading equipment in the archive (as I was allowed to take only something for writing with me into the room, the picture is taken on the mobile phone, therefore I apologise for the bad quality.):
      zápis v matrike farnosti Malá Hradná
             In the picture you can see the left side of the registry of those born in Mala Hradna parish around 1850. To be more specific: the first column – date of birth, second column – date of baptism, third column – first name, next two columns state the sex - first male (see the abbreviation m. as masculinum), then female (see the abbreviation f. as feminum), behind them two columns intended for the record of the legitimate or illegitimate offspring (see the abbreviation leg.). The last column on this page deals with parents, whereas the mother’s name is maiden. On the right side, which you cannot see, there is data on godparents, place of baptism and the baptising priest, plus the last column intended for notes.  

      During my first visit it was quite easy to find out the next closest ancestor after my great-grandfather Stefan Snopek, as we knew the year of his birth. In the registry next to the date of his birth there was also a record on the parents and godparents. The parents were Jan Snopek and Anna, born as Zabavsky (at least it seemed to me and the archivist like that). Place of birth Čuklasovce 18. 
          Afterwards, as I was advised by the archivist, I started to search for the record on the wedding of Jan Snopek. This record, however, cannot be found in the parish register in Mala Hradna. Therefore the wedding is likely to have taken place at the bride’s, who is probably from a different parish.
           At that time I studied all records on birth, wedding and death registry from the period of  1840 - 1880. I found several entries about the Snopeks – in Dolne Drzkovce (Snopekova Zuzana – born around 1815, Snopek Adam - shepherd, with family), in Ruskovce (Adam Snopek - shepherd, with family), in Cimenna (Juliana Snopekova - 1810, wife of Michal Snopek) and naturally also in Čuklasovce.

      Are we from Adam?
      (...or second visit in the state archive Ivanka pri Nitre and visit in the state archive Bratislava)
      Under construction.... :-(





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