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       There were 123 proprietors of surname SNOPEK in Slovakia in 1995 in  45 locations, most frequently in:
  • Čuklasovce (municipality Veľké Držkovce), district Topoľčany (from 1996 district Bánovce n. B) – 12;
  • Plavecký Štvrtok, distr. Bratislava - vidiek (from 1996 district Malacky) – 8;
  • Mokrý Háj, distr. Senica (from 1996 district Skalica) – 7;
  • Trenčín, distr. Trenčín – 7;
  • Piešťany, distr. Trnava (from 1996 district Piešťany) – 6;
  • Trnava, distr. Trnava – 6;
  • Nové Mesto nad Váhom, distr. Trenčín (from 1996 district Nové Mesto n. Váhom) – 5;
  • Limbach, distr. Bratislava - vidiek (from 1996 district Pezinok) – 4;
  • Skalica, distr. Senica (from 1996 district Skalica) – 4;
  • Devínska Nová Ves (municipality Bratislava), distr. Bratislava – 4;
(Source: P. Ďurčo a kol.: Databáza vlastných mien a názvov lokalít na Slovensku - Database of surnames and names of locations. Podklady k projektu: Copernicus Programme, project COP-58: ONOMASTICA–COPERNICUS DATABASE. CD ROM. Paris: ELRA – 1998)

Výskyt priezviska Snopek na Slovensku
(Created: Pavel Oller with using of my ancestor database and by telephone directory

      In Czech republic in 2007 there were 429 ?carriers? of surname Snopek. 

Snopeks in Google...

If you write the surname Snopek to Google (in Slovak language), most frequently you find persons as a well-known sculptor Ladislav Snopek, e.g. an author of a war memorial in Strečno or for example an animator, screenwriter and a film director Martin Snopek.  Further you can often find medicine doctors with the surname Snopek - MUDr. Ivan Snopek, Csc. from Topoľčany, MUDr. Ľubomír Snopek, a stomatologist from Nová Baňa and MVDr. Jozef Snopek from Topoľčany.
        In Czech republic:
plk. Ing. František Snopek, a previous chief of Prague police, later  vice-president of Czech Police, now chief of Czech Police safeguard;
- a communist deputy Václav Snopek;
- a hockey player Jan Snopek, born in 1976 - Prague, began in Sparta Praha, later in Zlín, in 1995 was drafted in NHL - Edmontono Oilers, now the player HC Mountfield České Budéjovice;
František Snopek, a priest and historiographer (1853-1921), interested in  history of  Great Moravia;
- a superior of monastery in Sedlec (near Kutná Hora) Jindřich (Henrich)  Snopek, at the turn of the 17-th and 18-th century he reconstructed a church of monastery.
          Snopeks in Google in all web:
Sigmund Snopek, an American musician and composer, frontman of music group Bloomsbury People, later Violent Femmes, now he's doing a music from jazz to psychedelic rock (a combination of rock and classic music), a player on wind and clavier instruments;
Christopher Charles Snopek - a baseball player of Chicago White Sox in 1994-2000, last match in 1998;
- an American producer Chad Snopek (films American Girl, The Third Wheel, Tollbooth).
       On Argentinien websites you find governors of province JujuyCarlos Snopek, later his nephew Guillermo Snopek. They are not our relatives, they come from Czech republic.
         The most of Snopeks are in Poland.



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